Gary Stewart

Entrepreneur. Investor. Thought Leader. Professor.

My story

I know what it's like to be underestimated and overlooked.

I was born in Jamaica and grew up in the Bronx. But I knew that where I was from wouldn't dictate where I'd end up. I graduated from Yale College magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa; and at Yale Law School, I was the co-executive editor of and published in The Yale Law Journal. Since then, I've traveled to 68 countries; hung out in castles with British and Spanish royals; worked in Barcelona, Madrid and London; managed a $1.6 billion start-up investment portfolio; taught at Yale Law School; and exited a VC-backed start-up.

It's been far from easy or without frequent, painful bumps in the road, even though the reel below shows I've still had a blast!

Yet my story shouldn't be unique or even celebrated. It should be normal. My mission is to ensure that both talent and opportunity are distributed evenly. Working twice as hard to achieve half of much is not a winning formula. Change is long overdue, and I'm here to help make it happen.